About Feelgoodcreators

Conscious entrepreneurship is designing and developing from your knowledge from the moment you start your business, not going like a race car to get to the finish as quickly as possible, but by growing and blossoming, working and living from the present moment.
To discover and feel what your customers need, because today the offer is large, possibilities seems unlimited and immediately accessible.

People are becoming more and more critical, the more you show softness from a strength, the more you attract customers who also want to experience that softness and follow your example.

As a designer of awareness through movement, Ilse Vanbrabant creates from the present moment. She has gained her expertise and knowledge from various companies in which she actively participated, sometimes for a long and sometimes for a short period. Mostly behind the scenes.
Just when it didn’t feel right anymore, she changed direction.

Changing direction at the right time and the right moment will make you grow as a person and it will reflect in your business!
Changes can take place within your business or you start a new business and take all the knowledge with you and.

To create and develop from consciousness, is to create from abundance, not from ego.
Creating from abundance shows you what you have, to grow and multiply from what is

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