Awareness through movement

Ilse Vanbrabant, with her down-to-earth spiritual approach, she is the teacher and designer of:

“Awareness through movement” gentle exercises that bring you into your strength to awaken awareness by moving the body and your environment.

Through her unique program of movements and applications, she gives you the opportunity to let your true nature and your essence emerge.
They bring you to the pure form of presence and connect body and environment.
You will awaken in unity – to who you are – beyond the thinking mind and the egoistic feeling – it gives you access to infinite power and creativity.

“When we are open and connected to the energetic source – which is accessible to everyone – aligning body-mind – when we realize who we are at the core of our being – we blossom in our life purpose”

We won’t do it, it happens automatically.

Ilse brings a down to earth approach to spirituality that is very refreshing.
In her work with individual and groups, she beautifully supports the state of presence, fully focused on feeling.
She has a great ability to bring people back to the present moment, where they can feel the joy of life, to a place where all insights take place and no problem survives. “

Feelgoodcreator Ilse Vanbrabant

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